Tru sheephitters know you gotta keep the savage muzzle rise of 9mm to a minimum 😂😂😂 📷@sketchydr
  • everydaynodaysoffTru sheephitters know you gotta keep the savage muzzle rise of 9mm to a minimum 😂😂😂 📷@sketchydr

  • _as_your_voice_fadesWhere in TF did I say you can't tell a difference? @blackrabbit556 ... I said t doesn't serve a purpose. If you check my videos my G19 stays pretty flat in competitions and I have no comp... Sooooo what would be a point of a comp?? Pick a book up and figure out how to comprehend text
  • blackrabbit556@_as_your_voice_fades lol. It's a 19c. And you said it was pointless to use a comp with regular ammo, which implies that there is no difference. Whatevs man. Try it out. You'll see what I'm saying. By the way, you don't have to be such a dick about everything you say. I'm just having a conversation. ✌🏼
  • stephen.corey@blackrabbit556 lulz never been to Brian Enos forum?
  • blackrabbit556@stephen.corey nope
  • the_original_pie_hitter@blackrabbit556 The sarcasm is real. Just me poking the bear a bit, or stirring the pot for entertainment. You did remind me that I haven't changed the name in a while, something I do every now and then. Sheepdog06 is dead. I gotta say, @everydaynodaysoff gets the credit for the new one. Psalm 144:1 brother...Go with God.
  • the_original_pie_hitter@stephen.corey Who is Brian Enos? Should I know him? Should I listen to him? Does he Molon so much Labe that I do the Sheephitters association a disservice by not doing every thing he says?
  • stephen.corey@the_pie_hitter the Brian Enos forum is the number one forum for competition shooters. If you want information about compensators, that's the place to be. The shotgun gunsmithing on there is top notch as well
  • the_original_pie_hitter@stephen.corey Competition shooting. Roger. Thanks.
  • stephen.corey@the_original_pie_hitter yup, the same place double stack 1911's, aluminum +2 mag bases, flared magwells, forward serrations, micro red dots, and comps on pistols came from
  • chitty_gun_dailyExcellent
  • the_original_pie_hitter@stephen.corey Double stack 1911's are just an abomination and John Browning will haunt any double stack or 9mm 1911 owner until they die. The rest of your list are great in a carefully controlled and scripted setting that competition provides but don't translate to effectiveness in other shooting disciplines. A comp on an HD or carry gun will only make you more blind and deaf inside a structure in low light, forward serrations are for cool gun press checks, not for proper slingshot methods of reloading, Etc. etc. my issue with these things isn't their use in competition, but their perceived superiority in combat/HD/CCW simply because they work in competition. The disciplines are not the same and require different methods and gear to be most effective.
  • stephen.corey@the_original_pie_hitter so you don't use fiber optic sights, micro red dots, flared magwells, and you admit that modified grip textures and surfaces from competition are useless. Okay bud
  • the_original_pie_hitter@stephen.corey No, no, no, yes. Of course my experience occurred when the targets shot back at me. Slightly different discipline. Never got into competition shooting. Seemed a little unsporting after that.
  • future_levels@the_original_pie_hitter i here you brother, i think stippling your cancelled carry is great because say your at a pizza place ect. And your hands are full off grease from the food and an armed robber entered, you get a hell alot of more grip on your weapon, we stippled our m4-16^s
  • _as_your_voice_fadesA factory 19c but with a non ported S3F barrel so I can stay in the production division.. Wasn't trying to be a dick, just felt like I was being attacked for saying practically the same thing lol @blackrabbit556
  • bcsnyder@thejoshc
  • thejoshcToo. Much. Power. @bcsnyder
  • stephen_brooks_photoDo they make recoil pads for the glock 17?
  • elafave77😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • hwood0009@morrisbetter5789
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