• cohberSo thankful for the judges recognition and Addy awards we were honored with last night! The Cohber FUEL Project is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and craft. Winning Addys is great, but it's the relationships we have made and the respect we have earned through the amazing Rochester creative community that is GOLD!! Thanks, love and congrats to the entire FUEL Team!!!! #belegendary #cohberfuel #creativity+craft
  • hot.veinsWhat did fuel receive!! How was the night !!?😊
  • hot.veinsGold in what category, i cant see the pictures well!
  • cohberGold Addy for Print Advertising: Advertisng Industry Self-Promotion;
    Silver Addy for Integrated Brand Identity Campaign;
    Silver Addy for Cross Platform: Advertising Industry Self Promotion;
    Gold Addy for Booklets, Catalogs, Folders & Binders, 4-color or more.Thanks for your amazing contribution!
  • genna_gavin@hot.veins ^
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