• ssnarddmy kind of face paint 😍 #motd
    clockwise from top:
    @clarinscanada contour palette //
    @bitebeauty agave lip balm //
    @guerlain meteorites powder to set face //
    @kjaerweis eyeshadow in the crease (with @trishmcevoy brush) //
    @narsissist soft matte concealer //
    @marcbeauty highliner "Mist Me?" in waterline //
    @lauramercier brightening powder under the eyes //
    @glossier boy brow //
    @diormakeup mono fusion eyeshadow "infinity" //
    @milanicosmetics nude lip liner + @toofaced papa don't peach gloss 🍑

  • shadowy_ladyI've been looking at the Clarins contour palette for a few days now and I'm convinced now I need it 😜love Clarins! I bought and returned the Bite Beauty lip balm you have in the pic. I much prefer the lip balm they have that comes in a squeezey tube. Much more hydrating for me (my second tube now and it took a year to go through the first)
  • ssnardd@shadowy_lady I like the squeeze tube one too for night time but I like the drier texture of the stick as a lipstick primer! I'm glad they have multiple options for us lip balm fiends ☺️
  • chaosandcreativessnardd You have such great pictures.
    Hope your having an awesome day !
  • amandagutek@ssnardd Feel free to show us the canvas!!! 😉
  • ssnardd@amandagutek I used most of these in a makeup tutorial on YouTube last week :) so you can see them in action there!
  • ssnardd@chaosandcreative thank you so much, happy Friday!
  • chaosandcreative@ssnardd happy Friday ❤
  • amandagutek@ssnard 🏃🏼‍♀️💨
  • lemmiejay@ssnardd I will try the burberry ! Thanks!!! 😘
  • alli.lawI swatched "mist me" yesterday and I definitely added it to my list!
  • kjaerweisThe best kind of painting! 🎨❤️
  • ssnardd@alli.law yay!! Isn't it gorgeous
  • violettedailyLove these products!
  • giovannalovison@ssnardd Hy Sandra 🙋🏻 What do you think about the Clarins Contour Palette? I've tried in multiple ways but the bronzer is definitely too orange and i can't use it without turning into a Oompa Loompa! The blush and the highlighter are pretty good, though! Kisses from Italy 😘🇮🇹
  • ssnardd@giovannalovison I don't use it as a contour! I use a MAC 187 brush and apply it lightly as a bronzer on my cheeks and forehead. you're right, though, it's quite warm.
  • giovannalovison@ssnardd On my NC25 complexion it doesn't work as a bronzer neither 😭 Maybe with a bit of a tan...🍀 You should try the Unfiltered I Cheek Palette by NARS: that's awesome and I can see blushes on my face at the end of the day! 😍
  • ssnardd@giovannalovison omg that palette is gorgeous 😍😍😍
  • giovannalovison@ssnardd I've waited ages to find my perfect NARS face palette and i'm glad to have finally found mine: it's a beauty and i bloody love every single shade! For golden-olive skintone it's everything! I love your channel, you are on my top3 beauty gurus EVER ❤
  • ssnardd@giovannalovison Giovanna you are so sweet!! Thanks so much for the love and support. ❤❤😘😘
  • giovannalovison@ssnardd You definitely deserve it because you are kind, nice and honest and we have similar tastes too! You go girl!! 😘 Have a nice day ❤
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