One of the biggest takeaways I have when traveling is that life comes down to the simple things. It's more than interior design, the career I love. More than social media and pretty little photos in perfectly shaped squares. We aren't defined by what we DO for a living, but who we ARE. 🙌
At the end of our lives, we will never say, "I wish I worked more hours!" Or "Oh, I'm so glad I spent all that time on Facebook." .
But here's what we will wish for:
➖That we took the time to listen to that little voice inside instead of the external noise we surround ourselves with each day.
➖That we loved more, and spent more time with the people we care about most. .
➖That we took that trip around the world, the one we hold so deep in our hearts but keep writing off as silly or frivolous. .
➖That we didn't wait so long to do the things we thought were only "dreams" when we had all the intelligence and strength to make them a reality, we just didn't know it.
Here's the best part: If you are reading this it's not too late. Take that first step today. This weekend, do one small thing you have been putting off. Then next week do another. And another the following week. That's at least 52 amazing moments in a year. 🌟 
Are you up for the challenge?
(If you think anyone could benefit from this message today, please feel free to share with a friend. We're all in this life thing together.🙌)
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