• candidsbyjoI'm so excited to have family visiting from Boston this week just in time for St Patrick's Day. Every year in Boston there is a huge parade & celebrations and since they're missing it this year I thought I'd incorporate a little Irish spirit during their visit. I made the ultimate Nespresso Irish coffee and a Seville meringue pie with pomegranate to start off our St Patrick's Day celebrations. .

    You can easily make your own Nespresso Irish coffee with this recipe:
    1 Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru capsule

    1 tsp brown sugar

    50 ml Irish whiskey

    50 ml cold double cream

    1 View Lungo cup

    Preheat the cup for best temperature results. Fill the cup with hot water and leave to stand. Whip the cold cream until bubbles disappear and it has just started to thicken and place in fridge. Discard the hot water from the cup and pour Irish whiskey into preheated cup then stir in a teaspoon of brown sugar. Prepare the Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru coffee into the cup and stir. Pour the cream into the coffee over the back of the spoon - this stops it from sinking. And enjoy! .

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  • candidsbyjo@frenchiecoventgarden it's so good and just the right amount of tartness 👌🏼
  • sawong28awesome job on this, @candidsbyjo 😋😋😋 the presentation looks perfect!!!
  • elise_von_dWoW ✨👏🏼
  • rosana_mcpheeMeringue and coffee fab! 👍🏻and I see you've been practicing your pour too
  • candidsbyjo@elise_von_d 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • candidsbyjo@rosana_mcphee I've also been getting lots of practice... and caffeine 😂
  • seasonedvegetableUh, that sounds like a phenomenal combination for a pie!
  • candidsbyjo@seasonedvegetable I'm really surprised by it! And is the perfect season for it 😊
  • tarrynjolly@matt_scotland we should make this
  • steffi_daydreamerI want everything on this photo. Have a great time with your family 😘
  • bostonfoodsceneoui... so pretty!!!
  • tilly2millyDelicious ❤👌🏻✨✨
  • candidsbyjo@steffi_daydreamer thanks Steffi! Taking them to try a Sunday roast today 😋😋
  • candidsbyjo@bostonfoodscene 😬😬
  • candidsbyjo@tilly2milly 😘😘
  • thecutlerychroniclesI have a Nespresso Pixie, I might actually try this! 🍀
  • sjbennettsAmazing absolutely
  • brazilianyankeeIt's on my to do list to try this recipe👌🏼
  • simonedechecco😺
  • ellume.lifeDo u have a recipe for that dank pie too? 😍😍😍
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