Beautiful lichen on a young walnut tree...
  • shades.of.lynxBeautiful lichen on a young walnut tree...

  • wild_kitchen_talesMagical.... Never really looked into it, I really should, I see it very often.... Do you use it in some way?
  • shades.of.lynx@wild_kitchen_tales I use a few species as dye but only from fallen branches after storms, mostly I let them be because some dye lichen are quite scarse due to over-harvesting and some grow very slowly. Lichen are very sensitive to air pollution too.
  • wild_kitchen_talesI should really look into the subject.... Let me find some time to do it 😄
  • wolndraadPrachtige kleuren en textuur!
  • frankjuliaanJij bent natuur en natuur ben jij.
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