• kateyoungdesignSo daily I hear people wanting to move out of London and daily i think my life would be much simpler if I lived in London, so if you live in London but would love to live South, by the sea and all that, how about doing a house share?! If your house could be walking distance to Borough Market and have at least 3 bathrooms to accommodate my mirror hogging daughters and their need for a live update on their social media feed from the bathroom EVERY SINGLE MORNING then please DM me! 😂😂 So this is my view as I am still in the floor trying to get to grips with meditation, I think I need coaching like a lot as when I close my eyes all I can see is a massive tin of black paint and a decking that isn't gonna paint itself! All joking aside I am told meditation could be the way forward in helping my anxiety and focus my mind so I have everything to gain by giving it a go!
    Have a fabulous day lovelies and don't forget there is still a little bit of time to enter the giveaway from @heartisania see previous post on my feed! The gorgeous pillow on the bed is from them too! 😘

  • kateyoungdesign@michelledawson28 thank u lovely If i could figure out a way to put a tv which fitted in I'd never leave 😂😘
  • kateyoungdesign@curatinghome thank you so much 🙏💕
  • kateyoungdesign@nichole8218 yes me too! 😘
  • nicolabroughton38Beautiful shot Kate
  • kateyoungdesign@nicolabroughton38 thanks Nicola have a good weekend 😘
  • michelledawson28@kateyoungdesign haha chance would be a fine thing hey xx
  • julie_khuuPowerful art piece 🖤
  • atelier_emeraldGteat!
  • farmastyle❤️
  • rosemarx_My future room!
  • heyjuliemaigretI highly recommend the Calm app for brief guided meditations. I had never meditated with any degree of success before that app - it's changed my life.
  • theslabhouseVery nice :)
  • kateyoungdesign@heyjuliemaigret thank you for that I will try xx
  • nomadesmag😉
  • carolinejunker_Really nice!
  • compare_education_costsAwesome styling 📸
  • allfiredup.potteryTry Yoga as well lovely 😘😘😘
  • handmadesanctuarySo good
  • domumideasLove it !!!!
  • pairfum😍😍😍😍🥇🥇🥇🥇❤👍👍👍
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