• jmjpattersonIt is so tight to me that almost every time we start a project with no financial goals, like @legal_goods, and mention that we could use a hand, strangers come out the woodworks to help.
    I met so many dope people today who just replied to our insta posts @thinktankdtla and then painted a mural in the sun all day with us. Back at it tomorrow if you'd like to join.

  • ajrcustomsU need to go back into doing sneakers i loved all the videos and shit u did
  • kitchenmagician_How long y'all working on this? Saturday and Sunday? I have work and class tomorrow :(
  • jmjpatterson@kitchenmagician_ we have a few different aspects of this project during the next couple weeks so you could def help!
  • jmjpatterson@ajrcustoms I may get back to customs at some point!
  • ajrcustomsI hope so u actually got me into customs years ago when u first did the jack sparrow kicks .. but now i been getting into recons ..
  • vincent.art.laDope. I'll come down tomorrow.
  • jmjpatterson@vincent.art.la hell yeah! Send me a DM to coordinate
  • philamericaTeamwork 🌊🌊🌊
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