• emthegemSome new faces around here so I think tonight I'll share some v important facts about myself with you all.
    1. I think I could eat cereal for every meal. Right now I'm on a Special K / Plain Cheerios kick. No sugary cereal though.
    2. My favorite show of all time is 30 Rock.
    3. I think my body is wired to need 9 hours of sleep a night. And it must be on our tempurpedic mattress.
    4. I'm 5"10 - all my jeans are cropped for this reason.
    5. I like to sing! Even in public. I feel that this will someday serve to embarrass my children when I really need it to.
    6. I have an account specifically for my photography @emilyscott ... but I'm too lazy to post on there.
    7. I feel like I was aiming to do 10 facts but I'm out of things that seem interesting enough now. I may just be really sleep deprived cause
    8. I just had a baby! He's tiny and perfect. For the next few months I plan to snuggle him and laze about. #vanmakesfour
    9. Most used emojis are : 🙌🏼🙏🏼😩♥️😭
    10. I'm an ENFP... I could talk Meyers Briggs ALL DAY.
    Tell me something about you now!

  • delbarrmoradiINTJ ❤
  • kylie_sasspantsFull blown MBTI/enneagram nerd 👍🏼
  • strawbiter26I love 30Rock rewatch it on Netflix a lot because every min of that show is choke full of jokes and cultural references that each time I hear something different and if you don't pay attention the nuance is completely lost 🙋🏻🤘🏽
  • ashley.stro5"11! Pants suck! 😂
  • aykacang😃
  • laurenrswannI'm ENFJ, and those pants are everything 😍
  • heygirlhayesENFPs unite! 🙌🏼
  • emthegem@strawbiter26 I have rewatched it so many times. It never gets old.
  • emthegem@kylie_sasspants wait what are those ones. Must google now
  • emthegem@_peanutbutterangelica wow that is so cool to hear, it's so encouraging for me to know it's helping in some small way. congrats on baby 2 - it's been a wild ride already!!
  • avestylesThat's awesome!! I love Special K!!! And I am an ENFJ. ❤❤❤
  • emthegem@avestyles dude it's the best right
  • frugalgalsYou're so adorable! Love those pants!
  • shaktiprodOutstanding one!
  • kylie_sasspants@emthegem MBTI is Meyers Briggs and enneagram is a different theory that was a total game changer for me. When you layer them it's 🙌🏻
  • kiraobermeierLove this and now I want some cereal 😉
  • rlmnorcalI love that since college you have always needed 9'hours of sleep!
  • the.minimalist.kinLove love love your vibe here! Such good style👌
  • jenkayYou are such a babe!
  • emthegem@jenkay nope you are!! Miss you!
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