• mintarrowOkay who has seen and LOVED that movie "the blind side?" Did you know @collinstuohysmith from that movie is a fashion blogger AND for real one of the sweetest humans of all time?!
    I met @collinstuohysmith last September and before I even knew about her connection with that story, I adored her. She was kind and sweet and just had this warmth about her that was infectious!! Well then I found out she WAS the girl from the blind side and just loved her even more because that person I had envisioned as being kind and caring and wonderful was even more so in real life.
    My girl @collinstuohysmith has great taste in affordable fashion and she got two golden doodle pups for Christmas just like us ☺👯
    She is one of my very favorite people in real life, and someone whose posts always fill up my feed with light. You will love following her too, promise 😘😘

  • mintarrow@nickiwintch oh my gosh you're right!!! 🙈🙈 her mom was the cheerleader! Thanks for correcting me ☺
  • khuff55My Kennedy was thisclose to being a Collins thanks to that movie. 😊
  • practicalpoiseawwwwww so dang cute!
  • mintarrow@khuff55 that is so awesome!!!
  • kabesterz@mintarrow, you're right...she was a cheerleader too and was a cheerleader in college. 😊
  • mintarrow@kabesterz well whatever sport she played she's amazing and I adore her ☺❤
  • morgancreativeI remember that day my babes. Love you both!!
  • torr__torrHold up, MINI golden doodles? That's a real thing?! 😍
  • collinstuohysmith@mintarrow you are the sweetest!!! And prob didn't know you were going to sign up to receive my life's athletic history on your feed 🙈😘😉 Fashion blogging has brought so much joy to my life, but the best of all is getting to meet friends like you!!
  • mintarrow@morgancreative yes we met all because of you!!! Love you girl! ❤
  • mintarrow@collinstuohysmith haha well I loved it, didn't surprise me at all to find out there are even more talents up your sleeve that I didn't know about. You are amazing and I'm so lucky to know you! ❤
  • paigiebeOkay, okay, that makes much more sense!!! Lol 😂🙊 thanks @mintarrow 🙈😁
  • scgreekCrazy! I literally just watched 1/2 that movie with my kids tonight. One of my absolute favorites...so inspiring!
  • collinstuohysmith@morgancreative love you Morg!!
  • morgancreative@collinstuohysmith love you MAS!
  • morgancreative@mintarrow @collinstuohysmith for me it's always so refreshing to find the good souls like you beauties. Love you babes
  • sheri1886Ohhh. Three beauties ❤️
  • annaleewhiteI'm her sorority sister, and you're right - she's a sweet as they come! 💋
  • saltldsretreatI named my Kollins after her character in that movie because I loved her so much!!
  • cafebingeAre you kidding me?! This is ADORABLE
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