Today was just one of those days where the universe was just like yeah nope things ain't gonna go your way. Idc who you are, we all have these days unless your an alien or somethin. And today was one of those days where God switched up the plan in my head that I thought would work out and threw me for a loop, but it's okay because he knows best. You can't always trust people, people's words hurt, people can be ignorant to so many things. But when the universe shits on your face real freakin hard you can always turn to God. And in our trials and tribulations we do know who will be there for us through thick and thin. God placed some amazing and cool humans in my life, and he blessed me with even more this year which I am so thankful for. So yeah, I got shit on today by the universe but it's okay. Yoga, God, and the amazing gems of friends and family I do have in my life remind me that no one likes to get crapped on but it's how we deal with it that matters the most. And in my case, prayer+yoga+phenomenal humans help that icky shit go away. And for that I'm pretty dang grateful. #positivemind#positivethoughts#yoga#yogaeverydamnday#recovery#mentalhealthmatters#loveyourself#havefaith#selflove#selfcare#nourishyoursoul#loveyourselfmore#yogi @fituniversity
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