• skyler.mechelleI am leaving my long-time COO, VA, PA career to become a full-time volunteer and travel the world sharing my story of abuse.
    Holy. Fuck.
    I would be more than happy to share the story of how this decision came into play, but for the sake of this post I will just be clear about what I am looking for:

    1. Full time house sitters or volunteers (preferably Americans, as I am from the states) who can help me navigate this journey. Whether in Europe or otherwise. I am open to coming back to the US too, but I think travel is more expense?

    I am currently in Switzerland, and I have landed a workaway in County Galway, Ireland from 28th March - 18 May. After which, I have no fucking clue what will happen. Yay? haha!

    2. Full time volunteers who have resources or experience finding the most enriching places to go, preferably if you worked or volunteered for any Women or Children's homes or organisations.

    I have worked for several Non-Profs, and I think with how this is turning out I would be more than willing to travel and volunteer at rescue homes etc. Previously it has been too triggering, due to my own trafficking, but I am equipped for it now.

    3. Anyone on Patreon.
    My goal is to reach 1000 USD on Patreon within the 3 months I am in Ireland, to cover the additional costs that I will run into during this fucking insane adventure, like Plane flights etc. Ideally that number will continue to grow as I become more active and grow my community.
    I have been consistent with networking and sharing, so it is growing slowly, but more tips would be radical.

    Honesty hour as fuck, I have roughly 4K USD in my account for savings, plus a credit card in worse case scenarios. I also have 62 USD coming in monthly right now from patreon and a few more pledges arriving soon that will get me over to 100 USD marker. What a fucking gift. <3 (I love you all donation or not.) 4. Affirmation.
    This is for me. (Oh balls, tears...) This is for me. I have no idea what will come of it, but I know attempting to reach what my soul has craved for so long, trying to be a remote worker or VA or all this incredible things I am amazing at, has only halted the call to leap.
    Continued below

  • emma_joy_75@skyler.mechelle I connect with you on every thing you put. I'm so proud I've met others who have been strong enough to survive. Love you. We have all got this now 🌈🌈🌈
  • elly.yd💜
  • skyler.mechelle@teddyo_3 damn. Thank you for sharing something so profound. I am in awe. Holding this close to me always
  • skyler.mechelle@emma_joy_75 mmmm. Together.
  • skyler.mechelle@elly.yd love you always
  • elly.yd@skyler.mechelle always here 💜
  • _teddy_o_@skyler.mechelle you are a gem! Dad repressed the sexual abuse until he was in his 60's (we knew his sister had been sexually abused). His mum had passed by then, but it was still very confronting for mum, my sister and me😢I also have an autoimmune disease (hypothyroid post radioactive treatment for Graves' disease) and have struggled with Depression/Anxiety on and off for 20 years if you need an ear darling 😘
  • skyler.mechelle@teddyo_3 holy boats, would you be up to just chat over Skype once? I would be honoured to hear all this in depth.
  • _teddy_o_@skyler.mechelle sure thing - I hardly use Skype - can I do it on my iPad?!
  • skyler.mechelle@teddyo_3 yep! I have apple, so we can FaceTime audio or FaceTime video. Can you email or fb message me and we will schedule a time?
  • yaynamasteBrave woman 💪❤💪 go girl!
  • skyler.mechelle@yaynamaste mmm thank you! Sitting in a bath after a long day, fully receiving that
  • hjael79I may be in Europe for a short time in August! We should meet up!
  • skyler.mechelle@hjael79 if I'm in Europe, for sure (:
  • laceedgesOooo Galway is my favorite!!!
  • skyler.mechelle@laceedges I've never been! I'm excited
  • aliciacivileI heard that song yesterday and it made me smile so BIG! SO elated for you Loved One! You're an amazing inspiration and twirling swirling LIGHT✨✨✨💛✨✨✨
  • laceedges@skyler.mechelle you will fall in loooooove.
  • skyler.mechelle@aliciacivile I love you forever!
  • aliciacivile@skyler.mechelle right back at you amazing one!!!💛
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