Newww video up on YouTube (let's just focus on the background and not my lack of prowess with a car) 🚙🚙
  • semiskimmedminNewww video up on YouTube (let's just focus on the background and not my lack of prowess with a car) 🚙🚙

  • jezebeltuesdayYou're so inspiring! I came across your YouTube channel earlier today and I haven't stopped watching! Love everything you do, can't wait to see more! 🎨💕
  • isabella_v2.0I recently watched watched your video on gouache paint, and used your bear painting in it as a reference. Hope you don't mind! I posted it and gave you credit if you wanna check it out 💜🎨
  • sararhiannaI love everything about this
  • rensawyer0Love the video!! Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has bad times or plateaus sometimes. You do awesome art
  • min.sari.26Wow you are so inspiring! I spent all day watching a bunch of your vids and all i wanted to do was paint and draw for hours. ❤❤❤
  • namichikhliaJust watched the video! Brilliant and inspiring! :)
  • verygabsJust found your ig but have been following your 30 ways to fill a sketchbook for a while! You so help me with getting over the blank page crutch and now it's a distant memory! Love your style, I find it super inspirational and original.
  • caveghostI love your art! Your YouTube channel is so inspiring, and so is your art. It doesn't need to best the best, because it is yours, and that's all that matters :)
  • ajuwainStunning as usual💚
  • maxikleindiazartAwesome work, but then again it's you after all
  • hellomaryloreWhot? I loooove that car! 😋 Thanks for your fabulous videos Minnie !!!! Please keep them coming 🤓
  • fran_santannaHi I'm from Brazil and I love your art. It's incredible 💙
  • art_by_rimaI watch all your videos:) love you !!! Keep up the good work
  • art_in_my_veinsI really love your art, you are so inspiring to me and watching your videos always gets me into drawing mood! Thank you for that! But I would like to ask which paint you are most comfortable with or which do you use the most? Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring artist! 💕
  • vivians_artpageYo i filled 3 pages of my big A4 sketchbook while watching all the 30 ways to fill your sketchbook videos😂 thanks girl💕 had to draw that much and have so much fun since last year😋💖
  • paechiceteaplease check DM's <3
  • emilyrose_97Love all your work and I so relate to struggling to create a simplified style of painting, it's easy to feel the need to spend hours longer on a painting and make it detailed in order to feel like it's good enough
  • wondersidi just found you on youtube and im so glad i did. thank you so much for taking my thoughts and articulating them in such a graceful manner with your music choice, videography and art style. keep hustlin boo-boo 💕
  • palepinkmorningsJust discovered your yt channel! You are such an honest and inspiring person, thanks for going out there and sharing with us what you do! 😊☕️🙏🏻
  • jaylene_bish1I adore your art. You youtube channel is so helpful.
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