• therealdaytimeMom 411 is gonna be LIT! If you don't know what this means, you need to watch today!

  • kaystanfordxoxoAhhh I love you ladies , I adore each one of you. I watch you guys religiously
  • joseebiziLove this!
  • xicano_boi1you can't claim that you're led by "bold" and "outspoken" hosts when one of them is currently in israel and purposefully choosing not to engage with people wanting to have a REAL conversation about the history of that land or about Israel's occupation of Palestine #freepalestine @adriennebailon @tameramowrytwo @comiclonilove @thejeanniemai @therealdaytime
  • l_a_santosMy beautiful ladies welcome to the real live show .
  • raeapril😍😍😍
  • seancoreyToday's episode was lit....lol
  • women_of_god_123We are family and sisters and me. Jesus loves you!!!
  • marnitaunderstandingHello ladies yall are lit!!!!!!!!!
  • sand13_90U ladies have so much HEART,the convos r deep! #GODISGOOD 💖
  • fancyjenn@_daisina_ I think you completely missed the point of the conversation. Maybe Adrienne was vain but Loni encouraged everyone to be themselves. Whatever letting yourself go means to you. You might not wear makeup but I'm sure you care in some way how you look or how you make yourself presentable.
  • nicole_maddoxHello ladies y'all are lit☺☺😘💚💙💜
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