• treasuresandtravelsOur favourite plants are from @bloomroomvancouver 🌿!! They are cared for so well in the store before they enter our homes! They thrive and are easier to take care of than any other plants we have bought.
    We will soon be doing a post on how to take care of indoor plants! Do you have any plant related questions?? 🌱🌿🌵🍃 (photo by @urbanwalls)

  • michaelaevanowOhhh I love this! It's hard to find stringy, lush plants like that. I'd love to know which are the (neatest) looking low maintenance plants and succulents. 🌿
  • graceyvesI'm moving in a couple months and I'm so scared for my indoor plants on how to transport them. Two in particular are over 4 feet tall.
  • jlynaebennettOh perfect! I was wondering how you got your Richard to grow so long @lindsaylouelza
  • bitemevancouverVery nice! 😃
  • gypsypurlWallpaper 🙃 @shessobella
  • bloomroomvancouverLookin' so good. ✌💚
  • janisroseanneWhere's the best (and most affordable) spot to get cool plant stands & hanging plant pots?
  • northfluentialGreat pic :)
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