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  • nikkitbonhamYesterday Noah announced "I'm building a fooseball table." I said "sounds great," and didn't think anything of it. Today he comes out of his room with this and says, "I told you so, Mom." #hewasntkidding #RainySeasonBoredomForTheWin

  • dehutchingsSo smart!
  • deedeeriderAmazing job! I heard there was serious flooding in Peru. Are you affected?
  • nikkitbonham@deedeerider the flooding isn't too bad in Arequipa yet but we have had a lot of mudslides and it took out the water plants, so the water has been cut for most of the city since Monday night and they aren't sure how long it will take to fix it. More huge storms are expected over the weekend, and as a desert city that hardly ever gets rain, nothing is built here to withstand storms, so there could potentially be a lot of damage. Pray for Perú!
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