• mshealthesteemHiya loves! Happy Thursday!

    How's your day going? I've had quite the lazy day today, which is a nice treat. Sometimes a day with no plan and no real structure is nice! But we don't always get to do that, so it's really important that we try to make space for a little downtime, self-care and self-love everyday. It's easy to forget, but these small acts do so much for our wellbeing.

    One of my go tos is a hot bath with a good book! But I used to load my bath up with perfume filled bubbles and other junk... that definitely didn't make this relaxing time healthy... your skin is your biggest organ and we need to be careful what we choose to expose it to (especially if we're soaking in it!) These days I love to add some doTERRA essential oils and light beeswax candles. Coffee body scrub is great to exfoliate (recipe on my site, link in bio). And @beautybarlour body mousse not only makes an awesome after bath/shower moisturizer, but is also a great addition to the bath water! Add about a teaspoon and soak in healthy oils that will leave your skin silky smooth ♡. If you want to give Beauty Barlour a try, save 15% with the promo code HEALTHESTEEM15 at beautybarlour.com

    What are your favourite ways to unwind? Any bath faves you can't live without? Let me know in the comments 💖. Health and love! •

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  • riceandrepeatthis looks awesome! i love anything with lavender
  • mshealthesteem@riceandrepeat Me too! Especially right before bed ^^. You have great taste 😘. I'm also obsessed with peppermint ♡. I have Beauty Barlour in Peppermint and unscented atm... but Lavender is on my want list 😍.
  • simpleplantbasedlifeFantastic sounding!! And I'm definitely a bath and book girl myself. 🛁📚
  • mshealthesteem@simpleplantbasedlife oh yay! One of my people hehe! What kind of books do you like to read?
  • simpleplantbasedlife@mshealthesteem What kind do I not like to read? Actually all over the place. The only books I'm not so much into are non-fiction. My husband loves those types. Although if the non-fiction is well written and has a "story" feel to it then I'll read it and enjoy, otherwise... 🙈
  • mshealthesteem@simpleplantbasedlife same! That's marvelous ^^. I find I often end up reading books with a fantasy element, but I'm up for any good story really! I'm currently reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Assassins, steampunk, magic... it's been an interesting read so far ^^
  • simpleplantbasedlife@mshealthesteem right now I'm reading Jodi Picoult's "small great things" and will have to say that I'm infuriated (hitting too close with all the things going on in this country and all over the world). So for the bath I'm also reading some old classics of Ray Bradbury. Don't want to start a new book, while I'm reading JP, but I need some calmness for the relaxing bath time 😂
  • mshealthesteem@simpleplantbasedlife absolutely! You can't bring an angry book into the tub! Definitely puts a damper on the whole relaxation thing 😣. I'll look into that book! For non bath reading hehe
  • simpleplantbasedlife@mshealthesteem I love fantasy too. Like I said, it's easier to ask what type of book do I not like. haha
  • vegan.placeBest one so far
  • awkwardmikes☕✌
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