• cremebrandsFinally determined to figure out how to get clear skin, stay on top of folding the laundry ... and learn to laugh at myself when I inevitably fall on my face.
    Sometimes, I just want to throw up my hands and stop ... because shouldn't I have it together by now?! It's easy to play the shame game. You're speeding on towards your dream and becoming the person you want to be. And then, bam, you make a mistake. Shame tells you the safest route is the exit ramp. Just get off the highway because you don't even belong, mistakes say. But failure isn't a town you're stuck in. It's just a chance to make a course correction.
    Here's to remembering that failure doesn't define us. And that without risk, there's no reward. Photo by @jordanbrittley

  • honeypunchshopLove this 💕
  • jenny_sanders_you have beautiful skin! i remember thinking that right away when we first met in person!
  • bypineWe can do this!!! And if you want to chat about skincare, I'm down! 🙌🏻
  • aniemian🙌🏻
  • karynlovernjohnsonYou are not alone! Folding laundry is the worst and skin care is ever changing because of hormones, yay. Haha. But you can do this and continue to give yourself grace through the mistakes. Each mistake gets you one step closer to your goal. 💕
  • obviouslychicOkay loooooove this!! I basically said the same things yesterday behind tears.. I should quit I suck I am horrible after 8 years or 34 years of life shouldn't I be better and more this or that?? Sooo needed this ❤️❤️❤️@cremebrands
  • genevievedesigns🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you! I needed this today. I rock for a week (laundry done & put away, home cooked meals every night, exercise) then I spend the next week catching up on work. I'm constantly behind on something, being a terrible friend, wife or business owner. @obviouslychic Didn't 34 seem so old growing up & we thought everyone this age had it together? 😆
  • obviouslychic@genevievedesigns yes sooooo old LOL now I am like 44 I will have it together that is YOUNG ha 🙈
  • j_swizzlestixhttps://www.onnit.com/joe-rogan/
  • cremebrands@samanthajamesphoto thanks Sam! And I'm so glad you said that because I somehow didn't have the credit in my prescheduled post 🙈😬
  • cremebrands@melissaklusek aw thanks! @jordanbrittley is a photo genius!!
  • cremebrands@margaret_rainydaycolors 😬 haha thanks friend!
  • cremebrands@paperglazecalligraphy oh boy is that the TRUTH! I always thought I would outgrow it, but it does linger and it's something we've gotta chose each day not to do. I'm so honored you'd show it to your daughter and honestly, that makes the whole scary thing of writing newsletters worth it to me, because it's definitely out of my comfort zone! 💛💛💛
  • cremebrands@jenny_sanders_ oh my goodness, 😳 thank you so much sweet friend! You have the most amazing gift of encouragement
  • cremebrands@bypine oh man I would LOVE that!
  • cremebrands@karynlovernjohnson you are so awesome! So glad to have you as a friend and looking forward to hanging out soon!
  • cremebrands@obviouslychic oh my gosh, this made me almost tear up! Thank you for your sweet gift of honesty and encouragement. You ROCK!
  • cremebrands@genevievedesigns oh my gosh! YES!! Some weeks are just rough and I'm like who am I?! why even try?!?! Thank you so much for saying this!!! 💛💛💛
  • cremebrands@j_swizzlestix lol should I click this?
  • j_swizzlestixYeah! Just a little words of wisdom from Joe rogan 😊
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