• americanfamasscCheck out @urbanfamilytalk a division of American Family Association! #boycotttarget

  • danyelle.ritterSo true!! I hate that they TRY and compare the two!!
  • knzus57I agree! It's an outrageous comparison!
  • schipy4Liberals try to lump everything together, but the African American community by and large still supports them.
  • jenavanonaisa79I appreciate that perspective. I never know what to think of that (when it's lumped together) I need the perspective of people different than me. Thank you.
  • risabenningOh Target🙄 I haven't shopped there since I signed the petition. 👎🏻
  • wesleywildmon@schipy4 please let them know about @urbanfamilytalk
  • danyelle.ritter@schipy4 that's not true! You're doing the same by assuming and lumping all African Americans in the same category.
  • dklarpIm angry that they the lgbtq they own the rainbow for themselves. It was a Christian thing first and I claim it for Christ not gays stand up Christian S and reclaim the rainbo
  • schipy4@danyelle.ritter The majority of African Americans are Democrats/liberals. That is a fact. I didn't say ALL are.
  • crownjulesclothingSo glad
  • crownjulesclothingYou are speaking out!
  • cole1385@schipy4 is right. This is even more true with African American women.
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