• saffronframeworksThe hose for the rear brake is run fully internally from the downtube around the BB shell to the chainstay. Made possible by a custom designed multi-part sleeve on the @rideworks t47 bottom bracket

  • stanridgecyclesRly nice! How's it been working with the T47? Who's cutter have you selected?
  • tedjamesdesign@stanridgecycles I machined mine with slightly looser fitting threads and get away with just facing, gotta save up for the cutters or make my own!
  • apexrunning.coBut not internal gear cabling? Still sweet though, nice touch 👌
  • edscoble@apexrunning.co not always an advantage to have internal gear cabling, in fact it usually shift noticeably better that way with minimal work.
  • saffronframeworks@apexrunning.co yeah we always keep gears external. Unless it's di2 of course. Works SO much better
  • saffronframeworks@stanridgecycles we're using the paragon ones (and paragon shell)
  • schonstudioI've been trying to figure out how to sneak that line past the bb! So tricky
  • romainpaulmoussetyou speak the truth about external cabling for mechanical transmission
  • chrisapaulInteresting comments about external gear cable routing - always wondered if internal was truly better or just a marketing thing.
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