• laelwilcoxThe final miles into San José on my #bajadividefkt Thanks for the brilliant dynamo light @sinewavecycles! At this time of year, the sun sets around 6:30PM in Baja. I spent hours every day riding in the dark. Excellent lighting through the #bajadivide backcountry ensured safe night riding-- so essential to my FKT success. Keep your eyes open for this MUSA light coming to market. It's a winner!

  • onionveloSo stoked for you! But also so stoked for that light... 😏
  • somnambulantDyno lights are the best! Especially for big adventures.
  • todd_johnsonI need to try one
  • benripleyphotoAwesome job @laelwilcox Again!!! 👊👊👊🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 And what a shot!!!
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