Did you know that 50%-80% of dieters will put back on the weight they originally lost? 😱 Diets are meant to fail. How else would the industry keep you as a slave to their meal plans, quick fixes, diet pills, wraps, cleanses, and detoxes? If diets actually worked, you wouldn’t come back. You wouldn’t need them anymore. Diets are an endless cycle of short success followed by relapse. 🔄
• Start diet.
• Restriction.
• Deprivation.
• Cravings.
• Give In/Binge.
• Guilt.
• Repeat. 🔄 
When you take control and educate yourself about proper nutrition, you have the ability to break away from an industry that wants to keep you in a cycle of failure. You learn exactly what your body needs, how to fuel it properly, and how to make adjustments based on your own goals. Realizing you don’t need an expensive special shake or supplement, learning how many calories you need to fuel your activities, and understanding WHY is everything. 👌🏽 There is no end to the terrible advice I see floating around on social media. “Don’t eat carbs.” “Only eat organic.” “Clean eating is the only way.” “Keto is the only diet that will work.” “Processed sugar is toxic and addictive.” “Only eat 1,200 calories each day.”“Try this cool wrap!” “You need a waist trainer.” “You need to be doing more cardio.” Enough is enough. ✋🏽Say ADIOS to dieting mentality once and for all. You don’t have to count macros but I promise you that counting your macros will completely change your perspective on dieting…forever. // Coaching 🦋 balancedbrunette@gmail.com
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