• muckrockFeminine power and unity. As presented by Marilyn Kali mashup. We are one. Rise together.

  • goddess.r.sovereign😍😍😍😍
  • tara_406Wow, I love this.amazing..🙌
  • bunnyrocktaco@rachellarachoolla
  • theptalksYou are divine ✨
  • paz_lenchantinLove
  • sperkinsjrVom
  • she_pony_Marilyn is a white American actress who has nothing to do with the goddes Kali. This is not your culture to take from. You are racist. This is cultural appropriation and just stupid
  • she_pony_Stop making shitty art
  • kellshmellCultural appropriation isn't cute on Marilyn
  • miquellekm@she_pony_ @kellshmell get off it, it's art and beautiful art at that, making this into an issue when it's simply beautiful
  • miquellekm@she_pony_ @kellshmell dont follow her or comment if you dont like it, take your hate else where
  • kellshmellIt's not hate or a personal attack. I wanna support more women artists, some of mucks stuff is solid. Some of it is super problematic, flat out racist, and cultural appropriation. White women gotta be better. Can't be doing this shit over and over again. It's tired. And just saying "sorry I had good intentions, it's pretty, peace and love, good vibes" doesn't cut it. Fix it. Why do you wanna silence people when they are like "this is racist" and you got this knee jerk defensive reaction. Nooo. Think. Do better.
  • miquellekm@kellshmell white women gotta be better...how about you say got to instead of gotta, same number of letters you have to type out...and you sound sexiest
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