Taking a new airline to a new country. Next stop Kuwait City on Kuwait Airways! 🇧🇩✈️🇰🇼
  • onemileatatimeTaking a new airline to a new country. Next stop Kuwait City on Kuwait Airways! 🇧🇩✈️🇰🇼

  • julsdamanAnti-Semitic airline. They'd rather cancel a lucrative route between London and New York than to allow Jews to fly on their planes. Disgusting.
  • sinanmanduzDid you test Turkish Airlines?
  • dcrenick@ajrenick
  • asherif84@alvintse2001 business
  • tfmutairiWelcome to Kuwait!
  • travelwithleoNot jealous of that seat..... M
  • vpr_q8Kuwait Airways 😍💙💙💙
  • hanan_alhajeri@julsdaman that is not true, stop twisting the facts! they don't allow Isreali passport holders to fly with them, not jews. That includes Arab-Isrealis . This is stated on their website when u book.And FYI Arabs are also sons of Sam, and that includes Kuwait.
  • julsdaman@hanan_alhajeri how is that still okay?? You're persecuting someone based on where they were born...Absurd for a global airline.
  • hanan_alhajeri@julsdaman it's owned by the gov. And the Kuwaiti gov., never signed any peace treaty with Isreal. it adopts the Palastinian cause. This is Politics, so don't make it more than it is.
  • julsdaman@hanan_alhajeri I still don't understand what a peace treaty between two governments has anything to do with allowing any citizen of the world to fly between New York and London. It's hatred and bigotry.
  • hanan_alhajeri@julsdaman maybe u need to read more about the middle east and it's history. I don't wish to enter into useless arguments , but the Arab gov's in general with few exceptions do not wish to have anything to do with an occupier of an Arab land. Good luck and have a good day
  • julsdaman@hanan_alhajeri Arab land?? And I'm the one that needs to read history? Go look at the Bible my friend, judea and sameria have always been Jewish land. In the British mandate, trans-jordan was designated for a Palestinian state. How about recognizing the true problem for what it is? And by the way, not once does the Quran ever mention Jerusalem and yet it's considered the 3rd holiest site in Islam? Sounds backwards to me...I could argue with you all day!
  • hanan_alhajeri@julsdaman oh wow! Sad and pethatic. Ya, need to block ignorant people like u. Waste of time
  • bacon___2000❤❤❤❤
  • alvintse2001@asherif84 checked with lucky's post, looks like this is a first class seat that he was assigned sitting in business
  • craig_at_the_flavour_factoryCool it looks a bit like Cathay Pacifics business class
  • ratman667@onemileatatime Did you manage to get out the airport and into Dhaka. That's my home town btw :)
  • asherif84@alvintse2001 I flew on this seat a couple weeks ago. I am positive it is Business Class mate.
  • alvintse2001@asherif84 it's sold as business on low-yield routes but according to @onemileatatime it's first...i've never flown before but i'm just looking at what he said
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