The first time I worked in a handmade art journal, vs one I bought off the shelf at a craft store, I could immediately feel my art becoming different. There is something about carrying that handmade spirit from start to finish, the control you have over paper size and type and using a journal for the specific purpose it was created for that breathes more life into your art work. Slowly I have been learning more about hand stitching my own journals but have felt a little stuck and afraid. There are SO many resources on Pinterest, but the ease and the trust of having everything, start to finish, in one place from the person who personally Creates all of MY journals makes me excited to dig even deeper. @dansmoncrane has created a beautiful and beginner friendly new course over @getmessyartjournal learn more about the class in their profile and experience that sams magic I did when you create your first, perfect for you journal. #getmessyartjournal
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