The world is full of relentless imagery of pseudo-glamour masquerading as beauty. In reality this has nothing to do with beauty; it is about conformity, brand and formula. Peddlers of false hopes, hierarchies, religions and pornographies have all pursued and formulated beauty to their own ends. Without character and emotion, there is no beauty. It is too oppressive to present one ideal to women”. In her new series 'Historical Icons of Beauty' Van Zeijl aims to shed light on the beauty myth and role of the female within society. 'Historical Icons of Beauty' is a collaboration with award-winning Dutch fashion designer @irisvanherpen. #IsabelleVanZeijl #WomenInTheArts #CynthiaCorbettGallery #YoungMastersArtPrize #IrisVanHerpen @isabellevanzeijl @youngmastersartprize
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