• nikkiinwanderlandI cannot imagine my life without a dog anymore 🐶 We have 6 dogs right now and we've had more before and lost a couple of them in the last few years and it has always been heart breaking.. You might think that that could've stopped me from taking home more dogs but it actually made me long for their company even more. A dog understands, a dog doesn't ask questions. You hug them when you're sad, you kiss them when you're happy and they love you just the same. I cannot live a life without them and i'm sure dog lovers will know the exact same feeling ❤️
    That is why it makes me so sad and furious that there are people who harm them, and for what? Tradition? Fun? Well that's bs. and sick. and horrible. If i'm not mistaken, Yulin Festival in China were thousands and thousands of dogs are slaughtered will be held this June and it must be stopped - PERMANENTLY. If your locals have petitions to stop them - sign and join them, if there are orgs who are doing all they can to put an end to this - support them, and just simply spread the word 🙏 #stopyulinforever

  • thebooksbuzzOmg that's terrible! I was unaware of such event and I will definitely be advocating against it. That's so shitty! And omg yes I understand. That's me with all animals but I don't have a dog :( or I did but he passed and we haven't gotten up and gotten a new one yet
  • raereadsYour fur baby is precious 💓 Dogs are amazing creatures and are the best friends you'll ever have. At least that's my belief! I lost my dog last year and it's been rough. I've been reading where a lot of dogs that need rescuing here in the U.S. are coming from slaughter houses in Korea. Once I move, I'm going to adopt one ❤ Thank you for putting The Yulin Festival out there. A lot of people don't know about it, so the more that know and are sickened by it, the better!
  • lostinafictionalworldI signed that petition last year but it didn't make a difference 😢 and I'm willing to sign a hundred more in the hopes that the petition will be heard. I used to be scared of dogs but 3 years ago, someone gave us a pup and now he's the joy of my life. Breaks my heart every time I see or hear about dogs being he
  • lostinafictionalworld*hurt. They deserve all the love in this world and I totally know how you feel about that Yulin Festival.
  • lostinabooklandOmg i love this doggie😍😍😍
  • aynlatorreI signed the petition last year too! We have 5 dogs atm because 3 died for the last few months :( And we have 4 cats (3 are imported and 1 is a pusang kalye but I love her the most.) hehe my mommy won't allow me to bring home "pusang kalye" anymore and my dad said we've had enough babies already. I just hope the dogs and cats give birth so we'll have more! :))
  • sheofthedreamingI didn't realize something like that was held in China as a celebration, but I hate to say I'm not surprised with the way this world is now. People have no respect for life anymore, and it makes me sick.
  • leavingthroughthepageswell said.😞😭🙌🏼
  • jazzyleogirl1I love dogs too! 🐶
  • zeilenverliebtSo cozy 😍😍
  • _beautyandabook_75I have two dogs and I love them more than anything❤ Your puppy is so cute!!! I can't believe there is a festival like this going on, how wrong and sick and horrible😰😰😰 I've never heard about it before but I will definitely be protesting and signing a petition for it to stop!!!!
  • _thenightfaerieLove 😍 and I agree. I don't understand how people can slaughter dogs for food. They are one of the best pets to have. You build a friendship with them. Unjust blows my mind that the thing in China hasn't been stopped.
  • violetmadokaI agree that Yulin should stop -- R u a vegan though? Because we slaughter 100000s of animals every day and all animals deserve life not just the cute ones
  • weeklybookcraft#stopyulinforever I am totally behind this campaign. I hate the thought of people hurting dogs 💔
  • sherlockstudiesThis color scheme is the scheme I want my life to be in.
  • deechenreadsTotally agree. Please stop yulin festival 🐶💕
  • thepolishedreaderSuch a beautiful and important post!
  • plantifulheartsWhat do you use to edit your pictures? They are beautiful! @alice.in.wonderbookland
  • frankielliot😊
  • photographymelissamitchellLove your feed 👍🏻
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