• me_and_orla@haydesign chair, handmade cherry blossom wreath, & all anyone will see is the photobombing cat 🐱💕
    I've shared a post on my blog about money - what it's like to finally have some, from the perspective of someone who often didn't. It felt a little scary to hit publish on, but I feel like we really need to talk about this stuff. I'd love to get your thoughts on it - the link is in my profile, or head to meandorla.co.uk

  • mycustardpieI do see the cat first but only because I'm highly allergic so need to avoid. My grandfather was a master carpenter so I was brought up to appreciate the grace and elegance of simple handmade furniture
  • bodieandfouHi Sarah i remember a blog post where you mentioned getting royalties for your pictures. Did you ever write a blog post about bank images or could you recommend a few please thanks
  • stylemooseReally enjoying listening to your podcast at the moment ☺️ this guy is also very cute - cat model material!
  • stilles_buntHaha! Yes me too! Saw the cat first. ☺
  • madreonthemoveJust read your money post. So well written and well said. I'm pleased things are easier for you now xx
  • olgaprinkuYour cat is super cute! And talented 😉
  • geoffreyandgraceThat cat 😍😍😍
  • geoffreyandgrace... the chair and wreath are lovely too 🙊
  • waxandwickworkshopLove ❤️
  • _photographiclife_Hi, someone told me about u on Friday and they said u turned ur hobby of doin photography into a career and u got £100,000 from Instagram last mont I believe, I forgotten her name but she had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes and she just became a grandmother, but if u could, would u check out my Instagram and maybe give me advice and maybe some good editing apps it would help so much thx 💕
  • leobatsnice
  • remainsoftheday_This is so lovely ! 🙌🏻
  • wildfloraclothingBrave and thoughtful blogpost, a really good read. There is a balance to be found between the surface beauty of your photographs and the humble values in your words and I think you have it just right, Sara. Long may your success continue! xx
  • linen.beautyYour post was refreshingly open and felt very honest. You are right, these things don't get discussed enough, and it is all too easy to take subjective views about others' wealth and happiness. Thanks for sharing, was a brave thing to do.
  • hollyvanhart‍✌ ✔️ 💖
  • bbutterscotchThis is perfect 👌🏼
  • globatrisBeautiful Sara🌸🌸
  • lizzie_woodmanOh this is beautiful! Definitely improved by the cat
  • mlee73I've missed so many of your gorgeous shots! Hooray for cat photobombs. 😻 Can't wait to read the post!
  • einfach_ellenyou nourish and flourish my life with your ART and thoughts 🌸🔮🌸
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