Conjunctivitis in the hizzouse :(
  • orbynConjunctivitis in the hizzouse :(

  • iamthegirlsilverI will sound like a mad hippie BUT boob milk helps. Seriously. I got it when my son was tiny, as did he, and a midwife told me to dab expressed milk on sore eyes...
  • katiemorwennaNooo
  • rachbuzzelAh noooo! 😞 breastmilk is good for it x
  • lucy_llewellyn_We've got it too...
  • fnyffOh no! At least he is old enough for proper eye drops, it shouldn't last too long- good luck with the wrestling to get them in!
  • orbyn@iamthegirlsilver @rachbuzzel thanks! I'm not producing a lot as he only feeds once a day now, but am trying to express and wipe it on his eyes, like a savage.
  • rachbuzzel@orbyn I was always told just a drop is enough. Hope it clears up for him soon. Jasper used to get it when he was run down x
  • leshiechandrapalaAwwww 😥
  • teezerbirdPoor poppet.
  • mrsmorganallenOh poor boy 💔
  • marthadelaceyOh no! Everyone's in the wars today. Poor sausage xx
  • mokuskaPoor thing! Feel better gorgeous boy xx
  • kirkycheepOh no! Poor little herbster :( x
  • manthapantherI used chamomile tea on Isaac and it worked a charm. Just a thought if you're out of breast milk.
  • lauranoradoraHope it clears up mega soon.
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