• alisoncburgerClearing Out + Cleaning Up ↠ Physically. Metaphorically. Spiritually. Spring is here 🍃and just in time. I've been doing that deep work and it's time to move into the next season. Last week I got some major #clarity and felt a huge release. I'm now adjusting my life to fit the new #expanded perspective 🌕I had been revisiting an old long lost limitation. I was confused. I was stuck. I let it take up emotional brain space, and surely physical space in my body as well. As the last remaining giant piece of it crumbled away into dust, I felt an opening as big as the sky. 🙌🏼An empty #space was created where this limitation and doubt had been living. My brain automatically started searching for something to fill the void with. This had me pondering ... do I fill the cleared out space with my preprogrammed positive amazing Alison #brilliance that usually occupies that space? Or do I create an entirely new neural pathway and do the deeper work of leaving that space wide OPEN ... ? 😳
    #BigSur #meditation #OverThinker #BrainWaves #spring
    @lilmota @pkrippa @meganzimring

  • suninbloomLove you! ❤️🌱
  • blondiefilmsThis is so beautiful, I need to go there!
  • ladynyothI swear ... this is what I needed to read. Thank you so much for sharing that ... you have nooooo idea how much this hit me!!!!!
  • sallyhenleystylesWould love to join you on your excursions of detoxing and relaxing get always. Lmk your next adventure is love to be your co-pilate, partner in crime. Clearing space is a must maybe try something new and leave it open for possibilities?
  • christophermilesmakeupThat looks like it couldn't be more peaceful. Love all your images! I'm so happy for you doing what you love ❤️
  • ericacornwallWow where is this?!
  • sweetpickleproAwesome, girl!
  • theresa_tenerelliSo happy for you mama💗💙💚💜
  • jelabelaSo good🙏🏼⭐️😍✨
  • kayapurohitLove this and post ranch inn so much
  • melshoshahiWow this looks unbelievable!
  • co_kid_entertainmentLove the shot
  • welcomeearthWow that is fantastic ☀️
  • foodlovefreedomI've always wanted to stay here!!
  • charlenerose3Wow I love infinity pools!
  • natlymorYes ! Good time to clean out 🙌🏻
  • confusedgirllaYes Yes Yes!
  • beep_beautySo important to have a spring clean of yourself I agree. Awesome shot too!
  • ericblackmonMermaids are my favorite.
  • alisoncburger@vishalsapra how does he know ☝🏽😂👸🏻🐬
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