• happycomesfirstTMI or TID? 🤓 My answer might surprise you, since I've never hid the fact that I'm part of the minority that loves TMI more, purely bc I felt like I connected with ALL the characters, whereas in TMI, I pretty much just care about Jem, Will & Tessa 🙈 .
    BUT I actually reread both series last year & now I've jumped ship 😂 I find the writing & characters in TID a lot more mature & although I stand by what I initially said about the characters in TMI, I feel like TID was just a better reading experience 😍 Also my husband, Jem, is in TID so it's not like I'm biased at all 😉
    The link for my response to this week's Top 5 Wednesday is in my bio - be warned, though, I don't play nice 😂

  • happycomesfirst.
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  • biblionaticI have to say TID for the same reasons! The writing is more mature and I love the relationship between will jem and Tessa too much!
  • fulltime.bookwormJace and Clary have been the first OTP that made my heart spin like a rollercoaster and made me love Cassandra Clare. But Jem Tessa and Will are the ones that made me cry and smile and laugh in the same time. Usually I hate love triangles but I lived for this one. That relationship is hard to describe and Cassie did such a good job. So yes,I prefer TID more,too ❤
  • liddilou_Although I love both, I preferred TID the tiniest bit because the writing was so much better and it gave me a love triangle I actually cared about (which is pretty rare for me! 😂). Lovely pic! ✨
  • raqreadsI prefer TMI. 🙌🏻 I know most people prefer TID, but I enjoyed TMI more because of the main plot (except for the last book). ☺️
  • singprettyreadbooksYour feed is inspiring! I definitely prefer TMI over TID. I loved the clockwork books, but that love triangle destroyed me. I definitely connected much more with all of the characters in TMI. Have you read lady midnight?
  • happycomesfirst@biblionatic Reading comments for this photo has actually made me want to re read TID AGAIN 😂
  • happycomesfirst@fulltime.bookworm YESSSS omg Jace & Clary were the first fictional couple in a LONG time that had be rolling around in angst but you can't go past the TID love triangle 😍
  • happycomesfirst@liddilou_ TID has hands down the BEST love triangle of all time 😍 And I definitely think the writing is more mature, although I think Sebastian was a better villain 😊
  • happycomesfirst@raqreads Hahaha I preferred TMI for the looooongest time too & it actually broke my heart a little to realize I like TID just a little bit more now 🙈 But both series are VERY close to my heart ❤️
  • happycomesfirst@singprettyreadbooks Nawww that's so sweet of you, thank you so much! 🙈 Yeah I definitely connected with the TMI characters more!! HAVE I READ LADY MIDNIGHT? I GOT MY HANDS ON THAT BOOK ON RELEASE DAY & I OWN 2 EDITIONS 😍 How excited are you for Lord of Shadows?!
  • singprettyreadbooks@happycomesfirst hahaha YASSS! I had preordered lady midnight for when it came out too!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU OWN TWO EDITIONS 😍 I'm crazy excited for lord of shadows!! I'll definitely pre order it once Easter happens because I had given up online shopping for Lent LOLOL!!
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