Miso-Butter Chicken with Freekeh & Sautéed Carrots #blueapron #cooking
  • julianna12369Miso-Butter Chicken with Freekeh & Sautéed Carrots #blueapron #cooking

  • julianna12369I cook with all-clad and then plate on a paper plate. I feel guilty. So, the verdict is mixed on this one. My husband isn't a fan of the #freekeh. I liked it. If you say you like #kale you are lying lol. The good thing about kale is that it tastes like what you cook it with and this tasted like butter and #miso. This kale was a little stringy, not typical. I usually like how it works out. #carrots and #chicken were good. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. #food #foodporn #cooking #foodpics
  • duckfamilyadventureI love your reviews. Also glad I start my orders with next week, this was on my reasons why to skip this week lol
  • julianna12369@duckfamilyadventure thanks! This week was sure a dud. My husband hated that one and last nights cod. The pork/beef tacos are AMAZING!
  • julianna12369@duckfamilyadventure overall it is the service of having it all here and no waste l, not to mention the creative dishes I used to cook back when I cooked and had the energy to shop for all of the ingredients is what I love. The small packages reduce food waste. What I have a HUGE PROBLEM with and will also start skipping weeks is how selecting one meal will cancel out so many others. Cross contamination? It is so freaking annoying. I am going to see if other services do the same. I don't want to switch but it is close to a deal killer. Makes the selection ½ of what it appears to be. Ah but I love the food
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