:: A thought on creative list building for your brand:: So, Luna has had this crazy fever the last two days, and beside her is the only place she wants me, lol. I was browsing around online while she dozed in and out and went to the Tarte website ( I heart them, very much ) and as soon as I did, their pop up came up, as it always does. BUT, this time it had a spinning wheel graphic ( think wheel of fortune )  with different discount options it could land on ( 10$ off, 5$ off, free shipping, 30% off ,etc ) and all you had to do was click it to spin it and "play". Once it landed on one of them, it instantly pulled up a fresh pop up screen that basically said, you got whatever you landed on and had the email address box to put yours in and get the promo code you just won. It even got me to do it, and I normally just "x" out. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Now, most people hate pop up ads, I do too. But, that was a fun and unique way that made giving over that email address less annoying, and even kinda fun. It made you stop and at least say, aw that was cute. There's a thousand people that have advice for building your email list, but just know in the end, you're in charge of making that opt-in experience for someone thoughtless, and if possible, fun and less sterile. Give yourself permission to be creative about your marketing and go beyond the proven strategies. Think outside the opt-in box people. Ha! 😉
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