What does self-care mean to you? I want to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below! 👇🏼✨
  • theblissfulmindWhat does self-care mean to you? I want to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below! 👇🏼✨

  • slimfitwhit25Treating yourself😊
  • designlifebeautifulblogPutting yourself first, in a good way. And giving yourself a lot of love and treats 🙊
  • chezrenHaving some me time when i feel anxious or overwhelmed. From long showers to playing piano or watercolouring, something that makes me feel good and calm.
  • melissapanero🙌
  • nutrition.elevatedMaking time to focus on yourself, to do the things that truly make you happy. It's so easy to live a life of go-go-go!
  • balancedbrooke_Finding time to pause to rest.
  • simplybalancedgGiving your body what it needs at the time. If you need to get outside and have lots of energy, go for a walk. Or if you're having a crappy day and want an Oreo, eat an Oreo. It's taking care of your body and not restricting the things your body needs
  • theblissfulmind@maranjelys and realizing that you have the power to get through it, too!
  • theblissfulmind@designlifebeautifulblog self-love is so important 💕
  • theblissfulmind@chezren love that! Finding calm is essential
  • theblissfulmind@nutrition.elevated ain't that the truth!
  • theblissfulmind@balancedbrooke_ definitely agree!
  • theblissfulmind@simplybalancedg I love that you said what it needs 'at the time.' Self-care won't always look the same from day to day!
  • priyaodetteTaking the time out of your schedule to show appreciation and gratitude towards your mind, body & soul. I think everyone has different practices but the goal is the same.🌻
  • ms_shannon82I work in CPS and the nature of the work (as well as the nature of being extensively understaffed/overworked, and not being properly financially compensated for what we have to do) is soooo stressful. I'm only 5 months into full time work (after being a stay at home mom for over 6 years) and I'm still trying to learn a NEW level of self care over here. I always took time for "me" while at home with the kids, but I'm now outside of the home 60-70+ hours per week, and it's tough to make time for self-care when you barely have time to even SEE your own family (much less actual spend quality time with them). But earlier this month I realized that no matter how crazy our schedule is, I've GOT to make time for self-care. I had become physically sick and was really like "Life really sucks right now" because I hadn't been taking time to care for myself. So anyway, I started implementing some new things earlier this month that have been working pretty well so far: 1) setting boundaries at home and work (not trying to take on more than is humanly possible, enlisting help from others for chores and tasks, not bringing work home with me - I already work far too much!), 2) working out every day (I don't do long or extensive workouts, but slinging weights around for a half hour or going for a walk, 3) setting aside time to spend with the kids every day (yes, this counts as self care for me because I'm still trying to adjust from being home 24/7 to only seeing my kids for 2-3 hours a day before bed), 4) taking time every day to do something I enjoy (read, photography, paint, home projects), 5) investing in LUSH bath bombs (take a relaxing bath once a week), 6) allowing myself senseless treats now and then (we are very frugal due to surviving on only one income for so many years, it's been hard to remind myself that our income is more than double now and it's okay to splurge on a self indulgent item now and then. That's all I can think of for now, but I will definitely be adding to be list over time! Sorry for the novel but this is something I have always been sooo passionate about!
  • balancedandblissfulblogTaking time to do whatever it is the refreshed & renews you! Could be taking a walk alone, getting a massage, or cooking a really yummy meal. But another layer is learning to say "no" to things that will drain you. It's all about finding a balance!
  • citrusandgoldThis is a hard question. It means really and I mean really listening to your mind and body. Not doing what you think you should be doing based on what others do and say. It means giving yourself the time you need, the love you need, and respect you deserve.
  • k8alexandrayoga@citrusandgold I'm totally with you on that one... deep listening, self love and self respect.
  • k8alexandrayogaIt can look like so many things... ultimately coming from a place of self-awareness (how do I feel? What do I need?) Then the loving commitment to follow through without guilt! Viva La Self-Care!
  • m.denisebI made a blog post about five things everyone should know about themselves, check it out in my bio, it was inspired by questions from The Blissful Mind. Persistence Meets Ambition is a self-improvement project
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