• odilejpAnd then, I smothered everything with tahini sauce and it tasted like HEAVEN! ✨ #passiontahini
    You might remember seeing glimpses of that warm salad in my stories a week or so ago, but here it is in all its glory! It was actually pretty easy to make, so I decided to share the recipe with you tonight guys! Hope you'll love it!

    🌟 3 cups of cooked sorghum (or Israeli couscous)
    🌟 1/2 cup of cooked beluga lentils
    🌟 6-8 carrots, cut on the length, one sliced fennel and 4 garlic cloves, roasted about 30 min at 400-425F (add the garlic gloves after 15 min only, when you flip the veggies)
    🌟 half a cup of chopped parsley (and more!)
    🌟a few tbsp of dukkah spices (Egyptian spices)
    And the best TAHINI SAUCE I've ever done!
    🌟 1/3 cup of tahini
    🌟 1/4 cup of water
    🌟 2 tbsp each of lemon and orange juice
    🌟 1/2 tsp of cumin powder
    🌟 the roasted garlic gloves from above

    Blend the tahini sauce ingredients, mix the lentils with the parsley and dukkah spices, and serve the salad by layering sorghum, the lentils-parsley and the roasted veggies. And finally a generous drizzle of that citrus tahini sauce! Next time I make a buddha bowl, I'm definitely making that sauce to go along!🍋🍊🍋 #veganfoodshare 🇫🇷 La recette de cette salade tiède de Sorghum est sur le blogue #LaVéganeDàCôté (lien actif dans ma bio) 😉

  • odilejp@inspiredbynick awwhhh thanks Nick for all the love 💛
  • odilejp@anna.pelzer thanks Anna! I could put that sauce on everything!
  • nealmarypruett@odilejp yum😋
  • veganmontrealYou always do the best posts !
  • allshedoesiseat_This looks fantastic! ❤
  • raving_rawganicTahini for the people!!! Love love love! ❤️
  • cailowcat💥💥
  • sculptedpilatesThis is an AWESOME photo. I love your food, odile. You're incredibly talented. I'd buy a cookbook you made :)
  • sculptedpilatesYou'd ? Dunno it's late now.
  • extrasplease🤤
  • viedelaveganThat tahini sauce sounds amazing! Definitely going to try that asap 😁👍🏻
  • veganlovI was this salad in your stories and it made me super hungry 😅😅😍😍
  • odilejp@veganmontreal awhh thanks Angele! 😙
  • odilejp@allshedoesiseat_ thanks Amanda! 💛
  • odilejp@raving_rawganic haha YESSS! I could put some on everything! 😂
  • odilejp@cailowcat you're the one who actually inspired me to make that dish Caitlin, with a post you made a few weeks ago, with israeli couscous, carrots, chickpea and pomegranate
  • odilejp@sculptedpilates awwhhh thanks Sarah, always there to cheere up and support me! Who knows, maybe I'll make one one day hihi! Love u 😙
  • odilejp@viedelavegan it was incredibly good Kyra! 💛
  • odilejp@veganlov hihi sorry for that Anna hihi! But it was super good indeed hihi! 😄
  • cailowcat@odilejp yum!!! And yes, smother EVERYTHING in tahini
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