• kristenmarieparkerAs I approach my 9th wedding season, it’s become super apparent to me that I tend to go into auto pilot in how I approach jobs. I’ve evolved a style that I feel is truly my own and have a routine and confidence in walking into weddings. I am excited each time and I now feel prepared each time I go into a shoot, as I’ve been approached with so many different scenarios over the years to prep me for anything. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so sure of oneself and what you can take on that work you’re proud of can come from it.

    With that auto pilot approach, I realize that there’s so much that I commit to, think about and act upon, that it becomes second nature. How amazing that our jobs become extensions of ourselves. It’s also become super apparent to me that I’m confident in all of these things but rather than just stay confident, I also want to help teach others how to run a successful wedding photography business.
    @carlybish and I will be having our third @vineandflourish in Seattle on May 9th and 10th and are looking forward to sharing more about running a successful photography business and how that growth can happen in a faster pace as we share more about what we did within our own businesses and how we approach our work. We’ve also been super excited to be putting together ideas for our live shoot on the 10th (hello, mountains, lakes and maybe even waterfalls!), so if you’ve been hoping to see how we approach shooting with a real life couple and how we do that in a PNW landscape, then we’d encourage you to bring your cameras! We would love to set up wedding details and a portrait shoot to add to your portfolio of fantastic PNW artists and locations.
    Head to www.vineandflourish.com or the link in my profile to buy your ticket ($1250). We’ve just a few seats left so we’d encourage you to try and snag one soon!

  • florapinephotographyCannot wait to attend. ❤
  • ryanhorbanAmazing
  • brishortphotographyThis is the greatest!!!!! Elvis makes everything great!
  • krysten_cathleenIt is so encouraging to hear that it's possible to get to that place of confidence in this industry. I'd love to attend one of your workshops to learn more about how to get to this place <3
  • raniellejpagar@sonyamills98 her caption 😊
  • luxlifelvYour an amazing photographer. I'm impressed that you could capture this great photo in the Graceland wedding chapel. I know for a fact that this Elvis is tricky to work with 🙌 amazing work!
  • kristenmarieparker@luxlifelv lol! I can't imagine him being too thrilled with my position (in fact, I think everyone working at Graceland was pretty bugged by me and @wadekoch) but this Elvis was a trooper and didn't let on that we were in his space, or I just didn't pay attention to his reaction. 😬
  • hvsivers😍
  • romanopatricia🌹 @_indochine_
  • jackgraciephoto😍😍😍
  • ck_mathis😍Let me know if you guys need a cake 🎂
  • alla_gaevskaya😂😍🤘
  • ebonylambNZ is so far away, but this is exactly what I'd like to know
  • taxi1malaysia😍👍👍👍
  • tacomajonesBrilliant!
  • dearheartphotosLove this
  • greekelopements😉😁😉😁😉😁
  • thierryjoubertphotography👌
  • h.photography67Lovely
  • arraydesignaz😍
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