• thoughtcatalogLove shouldn’t feel like hard work.
    Texts shouldn’t feel like getting blood from a stone, or constantly banging your head against a brick wall because you are forever giving parts of yourself to someone who never gives pieces back.
    You shouldn’t feel as if you don’t matter. Like you are replaceable.
    See, love should feel like flying, it should feel weightless and natural.
    It should not feel like a climb, like forever jumping over hurdles and never quite making it. It should not be pushing yourself, trying to perfect yourself so they will love you more. It should not be shoving your feelings down into a tiny box and kicking it so far out of sight, you begin to lose yourself.
    It should not be smiling and saying you’re okay when inside you are screaming. It should not be sacrificing what is important to you or what you need out of the relationship, for an easy life. It should not feel like isolation, like you can’t depend on them when you feel lost.
    Love is meant to be the one thing which makes this world seem less scary and you less small.
    Love is meant to lift you up, inspire you, and make you feel as if you can do anything.
    Love should never burden you, or punish you, or make you feel like a shell of the person you once were. Love should not feel like effort, like stressing over texts sent and read and not replied to. It should not feel like dates when you’re struggling to find the words to say or bedrooms cast in moonlight with only the silence stretched between you as you lay at opposite ends of the mattress. Love should not feel like a weight buried deep inside your chest.
    Love needn’t feel like a battlefield, like shots fired and wounds so deep you will never heal.
    Love should be easy, should be like fireworks exploding inside your stomach, like those quiet Sunday mornings when the rest of the world is sleeping and the only thing that matters is how perfect your skin feels against theirs and how when you look into their eyes, it feels like coming home.
    That’s what love should be, I hope you find it.

    Words: @rosie_jane91
    Photo: @jesseherzog

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