Our number one favorite. #osf #oldspaghettifactory
  • jennipulosOur number one favorite. #osf #oldspaghettifactory

  • straytsThe location on the water in Seattle closed a couple months back :(. Always a great time.
  • francis_sheriThe one in Phoenix is haunted 🤤😱
  • susancluffmontalvoSecond date with hubby was at your Phx location...where we met you for your book signing..my daughter really hit it off with your brother in law☺xoxoxo
  • shorty_zoo❤️
  • jkeadsI don't think I would eat old spaghetti, even if it was factory made?
  • deb_kaye2I used to wait tables at the location in Toronto in 1980s. Man, am I old! 😳Mizithra cheese and sour dough bread. Mmmm☺️. Enjoy!
  • lisajones547#mizithra 😘
  • gracie6131Another reason to love you
  • lynnie_raye58Half meat sauce half mizithra! HEAVEN!!!! 🤤😋
  • sherrywilliamson7My favorite !
  • ginja_ninja0920@jennipulos is this in St. Louis?
  • b3famLove it!
  • joeygreenthumbYep. Half meat half mizithra. All day every day
  • debbylicious2They brought back the slices of tenderloin my favorite, cute fun family place.
  • pecjr_67Used to have one in providence ri.... God I miss it
  • elsamaria627This was our favorite place when our boys were little! The mizithra cheese and brown butter noodles is the best!
  • burlingjayne@pecjr_67 that's just what I was thinking! Wasn't it beds made into dining tables?
  • wertchrsYuuuummmm! @jennipulos don't you loooove their broccoli? The best!!!
  • rebeccalr818Omg hubby and I were just talking tonight about how amazing it would be if they opened a spaghetti factory here in Monterey California... love their tortellini with alfredo sauce 😋😋😋
  • zjewlz_Good stuff. =)
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