• yesterdayniteWhat you mean?
    18 x 24
    Oil on Canvas
    I really enjoyed painting this one! Ive seen this expression all of my life lol and i also didn't know I could paint teeth lol, I'm gonna paint way more happy black people now lol
    It's weird after painting these pictures and looking at them I feel like I actually know these people lol and I obviously don't but I never realised how valuable expression and being expressive is.
    I really really really fucking appreciate everyone who enjoy the work and shares it
    oh yeah!
    MARCH 31st
    from 6-10 pm
    its gonan be a fucking dope show!
    Thank you!!! @swaggyp1

  • celestine7You are a legend!!!
  • oy3ahcheathamOY3AH!
  • y.kendramazingYou should put your name on your art work Mr. Smith
  • nofraudhereJust freakin AWESOMENESS!! Will try to make your show! Pure raw talent!
  • mushakollection@stephen.uk good! Black supremacy is much needed! You wicked crackers are coming close to your down fall and I can't wait!!!!
  • jcuts_Why you put the desert road in the back tho LMAO?
  • miel_madhuI'm like proud of you for you come up on these memes serious and I don't even know you, they're everywhere. This is awesome. One visual artist to another. Much vibes
  • cydnybI've been creepin on your work for days now. I'm so obsessed! Wish you were showing in D.C., but already discussing plans with friends to come the show this month. So impressive!
  • maryaimaniI saw you on Marckervin's page you're hella dope!!
  • og_y2k@yesterdaynite can you draw ODB please 🐝🙌🏾
  • ema_thermU went viral af
  • joar3000Sick sick sick style (linked to u via afropunk)
  • davinaleefilmsDon't forget the "why you lyin" guy lol
  • noelleitswd@shi91 I need more
  • socallme_mandyMad talent! Can't wait till you make it to the UK 😊
  • vividsenseNice article about you in Time magazine. I love it!
  • summerwilliams.xoThis is also on my desk at work! (I hope you don't mind!)
  • j_arrowAlso memes @tyjmaes
  • king.kacyYOU A MF'N LEGEND.
  • 34percentamazing
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