• dalbymmaI received information that I've been cut from the UFC 😢. Is it a bitter pill to swallow? Sure is. Fighting in the UFC is about as big as it gets in MMA.

    However I am immensely humbled by the love and support my fans, friends, family and girlfriend have showed me! ❤ And now it's up to me to show the world that nobody puts Dalby in the corner 😒😉. I'm a lover and a fighter. So now I'll give my girlfriend a big kiss and go to the gym and train harder than I ever did before. I'll be back. Stronger and more dangerous than ever! 😈
    Yours truly.
    #NobodyPutsDalbyInACorner | #DalbyMMA | #MaximumEffort | #LokomotivoDalby (📸by @mmaviking / @jbaeks)

  • lronharaldGive'em hell killer❤
  • jamesyhensonCrazy you got cut. Just a bump in the road. Keep your head up champ!
  • davey_bassfaceYou'll be back 👊
  • arthursdaveI don't know you sir but I enjoy watching you fight. I also enjoy your antics. For me, blokes like you, make the UFC and MMA world interesting. I lost some pretty important shit in my life. My hearing at age 30. I can tell you this. You get what you want. Not what you deserve. Go out there and reach higher levels. The UFC will still be there. Your a charismatic guy with a solid game and will have no problems finding a fight. As cliché as it is. One doors closes another is sure to open! 👊🏻💥
  • karaphungYou'll be back!
  • crossfitcoach_cjOrd fra en rigtig kæmper! 💪 Og ja du kommer tilbage endnu bedre! Jeg er fan Buddy 💪😍😎
  • mbjerring88Such an uncalled for release. Go fuck shit up now, please!
  • madsmaagDu er og bliver en fuckin' Viking! ❤
  • parkinsonaimLatterligt at cutte dig lige inden et KBH-show?! Du kommer tilbage indenfor et år!
  • gorhobYou will be back! 👊
  • ryan_higgins_3Theyll realise what theyve lost when youre on top of the world
  • aslotsundstroemMå man være så fræk at spørge om du er blevet kontaktet af en by promotion, eller måske vender tilbage til Cage Warriors? Og hvornår kan vi forvente at se dig tilbage i buret? 😊🇩🇰
  • kristoffer_merserDet er let at vise overskud i medgang, det er i modgang ens karakter træder i kraft!👊🙏
  • idislike_allofyouHope you come back soon man, heard the news and had to let you know
  • whomadewhoofficial💪💥
  • edwoodwardoGo to bellator taking over by the looks of it
  • enricoroggeSometimes big promotions do stupid things. But this is bullshit.
  • danudresscodeThis is sweet :)
  • wrkmmaGutted to hear this dude, your a top fighter
  • sereyobekkinkKeep grinding bro!
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