"I'm traveling from Brazil, visiting my sister who lives in San Mateo working at Facebook. We were never close, but we got a lot closer since she moved away.

I'm just hanging out by myself in the park with no goal, it feels really great. To just live. I really just like to live in the moment. 
Even when I'm with other people, I always keep a moment to myself. I'm really into my own thoughts. Sometimes it may seem like I'm not interested in what people are saying, but I'm just inside my head, a million miles an hour

I'm okay with that. 
Right now I'm thinking "How much time do I take to the train station walking?" When I'm traveling by myself, I really enjoy being in my head putting headphones on and just enjoying the walk." Danilo

Danilo is 28 from Brazil and is an entrepreneur and his passion is music. 
His top 5 values are respect, humility, generosity, presence, and curiosity
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