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  • katiecouricEven legends eventually need to get screened for colon cancer! 11 years ago at our ‘Hollywood Meets Motown’ fundraising event, @johnlegend mesmerized the audience with a soulful rendition of the Temptations’ Just My Imagination. And now...here's his message for you. #StandUp2ColonCancer

  • justsomekidfromqueens💎💎💎 perfecto! Bella.
  • danielleisbThank you for these amazing videos!
  • mdrsey17👏💕✌️✌️✨👍🏻
  • janiemcfloSo proud of you for all you have done!
  • vendspinCheck out our dope freestyle rap pitch to Jay Z's new venture capital firm link in bio help up spread the word
  • maas.artKatie, your tireless efforts are really commendable. I have had Crohn's disease for decades which led to early screening, when they found pre-cancerous polyps. The removal was simple and 100% effective. Its remarkable how treatable this cancer is, as long as its caught!! You should be proud of the work you are doing because i suspect you've saved countless lives just by keeping it in the forefront :) @katiecouric
  • pattihbackThanks @katiecouric
  • ldk.middlesKatie, what can I do today, at the present moment, to encourage the 45,000 people that live in the small town around me to get screen ed, thanks, Lynn
  • aliveisthecityWow
  • jojanne27Thank you I watched your video of your procedure the day before! I completed my, "Bottoms Up" yesterday! 🙃
  • shop_bunnyshapiroAmaaaaazing.
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