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    1) About a couple of years ago when I came across an article on @fashionista_com about the 12 step Korean skincare inspired by @aliciayoon212 .
    2) #sheetmask . I have so many favourites I just can't name a few.
    3) rice: brightens the skin, vitamin c: Brightens the skin, de-tans and removes dark spot
    4) So many... @skinfoodofficial Rice Wash Off Mask, the whole @innisfreeofficial Tea seed range, @missha.official Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence and many more.
    5) Skinfood Eggwhite Pore Foam. The Face Shop
    6)Back when I was new into #skincare I wasn't aware of the ingredients like I am now. Of course I knew do's and don't's of retinol usage but I had 2 products containing retinol that I owned from before I got into Kbeauty. I threw the cartons away and had no idea they contained retinol. I knowingly purchased another product containing retinol so I was using 3 retinol products at the same time. I started breaking out horribly, each day I would wake up with at least 5 new acne. I've always had a sensitive skin but I've never had troubles with acne and I couldn't figure out what went wrong. I eliminated all the new products and relied on the only two old products I had because they didn't break me out before. Needless to say they were the ones with retinol. I skipped moisturisers after using the serum containing retinol because all the rest of they products in my stash were new and I couldn't point out the culprit. It wasn't until I ran out both the products, repurchased and read the carton.That's when I figured what went wrong. It took me antibiotics to heal my skin but to these day I get occasional cystic acne that leaves terrible scar
    7) Applying my toner, serum and moisturiser when my skin is still damp. Helps skin absorb better.

  • beautifullyme168) @tonymoly.official Brightening Cleansing oil, @skinfoodofficial Green Tea Bubble Cleanser @innisfreeindia volcanic Clay 9) @charlottejcho from @sokoglam 10) To get rid of those occasional cystic acnes once and for all and of course the scars left by them.
  • beautifullyme16Thanks @theglowgazette for the tag. I am tagging @nourishtheskin and @ammarahblog to share their skincare stories
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