• vasafitness"I started on a journey knowing where my destination was and which direction to head in… but didn’t quite know how to get there. I didn’t want any shortcuts, I wanted to put in the leg work. So, I found Shaelyn and she became my amazing tour guide. She kept me on track, she helped me reach each pit stop and helped me re-fuel when I was running low.. With the support of Shaelyn I have lost over 12 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips and am down over 60 lbs from my highest weight." - Kristan Jones #whyivasa #VASADraper

  • jjhhamiltonWay too go great job
  • madeleinelamourAmazing girl!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • jasmin.toelleDarf ich fragen was du machst? :)
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