• stealthgearusaA great write up by @that_tactical_life after running the SG-Revolution for a couple of months. 👊
    The guys at @stealthgearusa were kind enough to send us one of their new "Revolution" series holsters to test out for a while. A few months later, and this G19 holster looks brand new still.
    The Revolution line of holsters are built with their proprietary ACX-57 polymer, which I could best explain as something like a high density foam you'd find on a nice waterproof sandal sole. Tough, durable, lightweight, and waterproof. It has laser cut holes for keeping you cool when sweating, and a pebbled texture that reduces friction on the gun by 50%. The backing is soft like suede, and just like their original Ventcore holster, needs no break-in period. It's comfortable right away!
    The holster features the same .093" Kydex with full muzzle and trigger protection. It has a cool distressed pattern printed on the Kydex.
    So why chose the Revolution over the Ventcore? Revolution is lighter, thinner, won't hold water if submerged, yet best of all, it's about 30% cheaper. The original Ventcore, in my opinion, is still more comfortable because of the additional padding. I was definitely impressed and would recommend it to anybody! So the choice is yours, but you can't go wrong! Available in IWB, mini IWB, and AIWB, in all the usual applications.
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  • elitemav1981I got one of these amazing holsters for my Glock 19 in my photos. Incredible holster and live my IWB and IWB mini.as well.
  • chetoflepI love mine! Got one for the G19 MOS, was cut for RMR and Suppressor sights. Fantastic work at SGUSA!
  • jettech104I love mines for my EDC S&W Shield
  • harakirimafiaBeen using one for my xds, liked it so much I ordered another for my shield. 👍🏻
  • cjstrunk@stealthgearusa are any of your IWB or Apendix rigs light compatible?
  • chungkymunkey@stealthgearusa when will you be making this available for the new PX4 compact carry? Just got one. Thanks!
  • elitefirearmsandtrainingI'm not a huge fan of kydex holsters inside the waistband (bc of comfortability) but this looks nice and breathable.
  • j.nightshade@stealthgearusa I need a holster for my M&P9 M2.0 with Streamlight TRL-2 HL G. Could you accommodate?
  • donmecca101I added a Ultra Carry II to my wishlist on your site, about how long until these are fabricated??
  • factor5defense@elitefirearmsandtraining you should try it out! I've tried all Kydex, leather/Kydex, and all fabric holsters too. These are hands down the most comfortable with the best retention! 👍🏼
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