• odilejpT H E ( V E G A N )
    B R E A K F A S T C L U B 🍳 .
    Who's part of the club?
    Let's make it 100% vegan, ok? With tofu scramble, avo toasts and smoothie bowls only! 💁 Oh and maybe pancakes, vegan croissants, oatmeal and chia pud parfait too! 😂 So, who's with me? #breakfastalldaylong #theveganbreakfastclub #theprettybreakfastclub
    Happy #humpday guys! Tell me about your favorite breakfast dish(es) in the comments, I wanna know!

  • donutsanddowndog💖💖💖💖💖
  • glitteryottersHahaha...it's like you read my mind! I just reserved an IG username yesterday specifically for my breakfast pics! 😂 At home my favorites are smoothies or tofu scramble or homemade pancakes. When eating out my favorites are the Red Velvet Pancakes at @champsdiner or a doughnut from @dunwelldoughnuts. 😍
  • mamamajulyI always, always feel like a bowl of thick strawberry smoothie with sliced almonds, chia, hemp seeds or homemade granola on top. Or when I feel crazy, a chocolate version of that with a dollop of PB on top, soooo good. I do like pancakes and oatmeal but they make me feel heavy and ready for a nap...
  • rachelrenelortonOmg too cool! Love this movie, but I like your concept better!!
  • odilejp@tartesandrecreation avo toast every damn day hihi (I'll let the PB & jam toasts to you tho, cause I'm not a fan of that combo, aka I know I'm not normal lol 😂)
  • odilejp@thesashadiaries yesss!
  • odilejp@raving_rawganic no, I haven't! I didn't know it was a movie, but I'll put it on my list hihi! Thanks Jenny!
  • odilejp@glitteryotters Omg, red velvet pancakes! I really need to go to Champs dinner at least once in my life (and order everything on the menu lol!) Oh and donuts are always a good idea! What the IG username you're talking about? Can't wait to know more about this!
  • odilejp@mamamajuly smoothie bowls are among my favorites breakfast too, always so satisfying! I usually keep the pancakes or tofurky scramble for the weekend brunch hihi!
  • odilejp@rachelrenelorton I feel like I'll have to watch that movie, I didn't even know it was a movie until now 🙈 Your smoothie bowls would definitely be part of our breakfast club Rachel hihi!
  • vegan_matildaJe pourrais vraiment déjeuner toute la journée. Toute la journée les Huevos Rancheros de Aux Vivres. Et de la nice cream au chocolat pour le dessert 😍 !! Mais quel est cet endroit? Est-ce que c'est à Amsterdam? Parce que si c'est à Montréal ça m'intrigue 🤔☺️
  • myfoodshowDur de choisir 😄croissants, montagne de fruits, tartine d'avocat, mango smoothie,.....et la liste est longue :))
  • tatisantelizArepas!! Venezuelan breakfast. You can fill them with plantain, black beans and avocado!! I'm sure you are going to love them 😍
  • odilejp@vegan_matilda ya pas mieux que les brunchs d'aux vivres! Pis de la nice cream est toujours une bonne idée! C'est à Amsterdam mais je crois pas que ce soit entièrement végane par contre...
  • odilejp@myfoodshow haha la liste est longue ici aussi! 😄
  • odilejp@tatisanteliz it does sound super yummy! Thanks for the inspo!
  • mcdoyonBelle typo. <3
  • valises_et_gourmandisesCount me in baby 🙋🏼
  • odilejp@mcdoyon hihi oui! Une raison de plus pourquoi cette vitrine a attiré mon regard!
  • odilejp@valises_et_gourmandises haha, yeah! 🙌
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