• bijzonderspaansI'm a soup person and so is my family.⠀
    A yummie bowl of mushroom soup inspired by dear Christine @conscious_cooking topped with mushrooms, chives and slow roasted onions. Forgot to sprinkle with roasted hazelnuts when shooting this picture......😱⠀
    Really looking forward to the time change on March 25th so I don't have to struggle with lack of light at the end of the day.⠀
    For whoever is interested in the recipe, I will put it on the blog this Friday.⠀
    Have a wonderful day and don't forget to vote my dear Dutch friends!!💛⠀

  • bijzonderspaans@holasus yessssss love slow roasted onions✨happy you like it as well. Happy Thursday Susana 💛
  • bijzonderspaans@hcw5247 thank you Helen🙏🏻💫✨
  • bijzonderspaans@born.under.the.sun yes I know! Love the combo. And for the little crunch as well. That's what you get when shooting in a hurry. Ah well. It was delicious anyway. Have a great Thursday Bernadett 💛
  • bijzonderspaans@thelemonapron thank you Jen💛💛💛💛
  • datesandavocadosI'm a soup person too and this one looks so creamy and delicious! 😘
  • tohercoreI would love this recipe - we're entering soup (and low light 😔🙈) season here so I need a little inspo 😘
  • upcloseandtastyNow I know what to do with my leftover mushrooms! 😊I am a big soup person too! Looks beautiful and delicious!
  • wild_kitchen_talesSorry for the happy dance but letting everybody know I'm BAAAAACK!!!! 😅😅😅💃✨💪🏼 starting all over from scratch now.... What a disaster when you get hacked!!! I think a new beginning is the only thing I could ever wish, however, now I have to find everyone back again which is impossible of course.... 😭 Keep an eye out, will post a lot soon to fill up my profile with beauty once more!! Missed you sweetie!!!!! Hope all is ok??? Big hug and kisses!!!! ❤️✨🙏🏼
  • bijzonderspaans@datesandavocados thank you so much Lore. Happy you like it. Have a great time in shanghai😘
  • bijzonderspaans@tohercore thank you so much Dearna. Will put it on the blog in a bit today but it's in Dutch although got a translator. Let me know if you want me to translate😘
  • bijzonderspaans@upcloseandtasty happy you like it Regan. So both soup an oyster persons 😂👌🏻✨💫
  • bijzonderspaans@wild_kitchen_tales jaaaaaaAaaaaaaaa ze is weer terug!!! Gelukkig maar Evelien! 😘
  • morning_moringaThat looks so so heavenly! Dreaming of this now..
  • bijzonderspaans@morning_moringa it was delicious indeed. Having problems right now with the blog😭😱 so hope they can resolve the problem soon so I can post the recipe! Big hug to you dear hard working girl😘❤
  • morning_moringaLooking forward to it! Much love back to you ❤
  • tohercore@bijzonderspaans Thank you! I will see how I get and let you know if I have any questions 😘
  • caileigh_belleMmm 👌😍❤️
  • bijzonderspaans@caileigh_belle thank you sweetie! ❤❤
  • mangelkaSuch a beautiful soup and a fantastic shot!!
  • bijzonderspaans@mangelka happy you like it! Thank you my dear💛
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