• thesochipupsIt's been 3 years since the boys and Mama visited the @todayshow on @nbc . They miss @mattlauernbc and @tamronhall , they never stop barking about it.

  • judybug1954The true Dream Team 😃 🙌
  • picturemelovelympls💙❤
  • danp1958OMG....freakin' sweet....this is when I first started to follow you, and your journey...wow!
  • thelfc88I can't believe it's been three years! Such an amazing story! So grateful you got those doggies back. I know there was heartbreak involved cuz some of Mama's pups were lost. You're amazing.
  • garyroscottHappy Anniversary! The saga continues.
  • hammygmaSo very glad you were able to bring them home ❤️❤️❤️
  • dalidamaWhat fun! I've followed you guys since the beginning...just a little old lady of 78 who loves her "fur babies"...and appreciates your humanity! Love seeing posts of "the boys" and "mama"!
  • 1marshelleI had been following the puppies on tweeters the highs and lows to get them to USA, was so good to see them that morning.
  • gerdag3OMG 3 Years!!!! It's like yesterday 💋👍💋💋
  • lyudmilasafonovskaya@thesochipups guys, you are awesome! Thanks for saving the fluffies)))
  • sudetta:о))))
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