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  • jrtyler82Week 10 Challenge put together a video montage of your workout so here's today's full workout 30 minutes on treadmill 30 minutes on stairmaster followed by lunges, squats, deadlifts, jack squats, and not featured Leg Press, Hamstring Curls, Leg Extension, and calf raises!! Putting in that work LETS GO!! @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition #250kchallenge #getfitordietrying #fueldbyherbalife 20 days left...🙀💪🏾💪🏾

  • elledealfitnessLove your page! Seems like we have a lot in common! Are you on Facebook? Hard to chat on here, the link is in my bio, would love to connect! :)
  • jrtyler82@elledealfitness yes I went on FB and liked your page
  • fitievaThat's very inspirational! 😍😊
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