• livbydesignBoom, I am officially a Certified Meditation Teacher of Transformation Meditation! The best part of yoga & meditation studies is that when you finish testing you are all blissed out rather than stressed out! ***
    What is Transformation Meditation?
    Transformation Meditation is an easily applicable form of meditation that brings about rapid results. It is based on the ancient philosophy and science of meditation derived from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita; includes breathing techniques, mantra, mindfulness and awareness of true self, oneness, love & pure consciousness.
    Who needs meditation?
    I am going to be offering a 5 series beginners class in Austin and this first one will be limited to 5 people & I am offering a deeply discounted rate for this first group of meditators!!! 💗

    I am currently working out studio space, dates & time. Comment below or PM me if you are interested and I can send you more details and save your spot!
    I am so excited to share this meditation practice with everyone!! Your life will be transformed! It is amazing how wonderful you can feel when you have a steady meditation practice, in other words control over your mind, your stress, your health, your happiness, your connection with life! This program makes it easy & will give you all the tools you need to develop a steady practice and it would be my honor to guide you!! #meditationteacher #certified #transformation #meditation #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #happiness #justbreathe #befree #unity #weareone #oneness #loveandlight #gratitude

  • stillmeditationCongratulations!! Thank you for spreading the light! 💛 if you're ever in Charleston SC please let us know! Would love to have you for a class and possibly to guest teach!
  • livbydesign@stillmeditation I would love to go to SC - it's on my to do list! 😊 I will definitely reach out when I come one day! Love and light to you!
  • liveluvdStopping by to tell you how unique and cherished you are! Thanks for being YOU! 💖
  • shantibowlLove your photos! 💙
  • the_guru_puppyCongratulations! 💖💕 @livbydesign
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